Being the outreach and evangelism coordinator of our church, people often ask me what evangelism means. In all honesty, the word can be interpreted in different ways, but in my own words, evangelism simply means sharing the gospel and your Jesus story in love anywhere, at any time, and to anyone. That’s my “simple” definition. However, I know that sharing is not always “simple”. It feels awkward to walk up to someone you don’t know; it seems scary to walk up to someone who looks different than you.

My role largely consists of facilitating outreach opportunities and encouraging people to fulfill the Great Commission in their own life, yet, if I am completely honest, fulfilling the Great Commission in my own life still terrifies me. Sharing the gospel has not always been easy. I have been cursed at, made to feel dumb, ignored, ridiculed…you name it. My heart starts beating and my palms start sweating whenever I feel the Lord nudging me to step out and say something to someone. And I’ll admit, more times than I would like, I have let my nerves, fear of being mocked, and my timidness keep me from stopping and talking to someone that I know the Lord has highlighted. In those instances, I wonder what if they deny me? What if they laugh at me? What if I look stupid? What if they curse at me? What if I am late for work because I talk to them? What if my friends think I am weird?

What if, what if, what if. 

That phrase has kept me from living out the Great Commission way too many times.

Recently, I was listening to someone talk about a business opportunity. They said, “What if you step out, and they say yes? What if you step out, and you’re exactly what that person needs/ looking for. What if you give it your all and find that you’re great at the very thing you thought you could not do?” I couldn’t help but think the same encouragement applies to sharing the gospel and my testimony. So often we let “what ifs” keep us from carrying out the Great Commission, but “what ifs” should be the very thing that pushes and encourages us to share and to be bold. 

What if the person the Lord tells me to talk to has been praying “God, if you’re real, send someone to talk to me”, and I didn’t talk to them? What if that person is hurting and broken? What if that person feels alone and needs connection? What if they’re going through things I’ve had victory in through knowing Jesus?

What if, what if, what if. 

Do we care more about our what ifs or the eternal future of our brothers and sisters? 

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