Do you know how free you are?  Really? For example, as a citizen of the United States, freedom surrounds us.  Speech, religion, assembly, press, etc. Much was sacrificed throughout history to provide and protect those freedoms.  What about as a son or daughter of Jesus Christ? Are you aware of the level of freedom that Christ made possible? We deserve nothing, yet we have been given everything.  Do you know how free you are? Really?

Has anyone seen my freedom?

How do you express your freedom?  How do you live out the amazing freedom that Christ gave us?  Do you take advantage of it? Do you hold that gift close? Do you remind yourself of it?  Did you place it on a shelf, somewhat out-of-site and somewhat dusty? Have you forgotten?

I had forgotten about the freedom gift that was given to me when Jesus went to the cross.  I had placed it on the shelf as I focused more on life, work, and getting “stuff” done. It became easy to forget that I am a “SON”.  That I am loved by the incredible God of all creation. He loves me so much so, that He freed me from the bondage of sin and death. Jesus was that freedom.  His sacrifice on the cross and my acceptance of his gift gave me that freedom.

How to keep freedom fresh?

Worship is a great way to keep my freedom fresh on my mind.  One part of worship is thanksgiving. Thinking over all the things that the Father has done for me and giving thanks for them.  Things like His provision, protection, wisdom, etc. But most importantly, the salvation he provided. I don’t think I fully grasp just how massive that gift is.  It’s huge! Do I know how free I am? Really?

Be expressive in worship!

If I know how free I am, is my response matched to the gift?  As a person with a quiet and reserved personality, I am not overly expressive.  That is fine and all. The world may be crazier than it already is if every person is a non-stop expressive extrovert turned up to 11.  I am just balancing out the universe, HA! However, my proposal is, maybe my quiet reserved personality is not appropriate for every situation.  For example, when I think upon the fact that the mighty God over of all the universe gave His only son to die in my place, so that I won’t receive the well-deserved prize of death…maybe, just maybe, my response should be a bit more exciting than ”…aw shucks, thanks God…”.  What Jesus did means more than that to me. He deserves more than that tame response. Am I so caught up in my “personality” that I won’t give God what He deserves?  Have I identified so strongly as a “quiet person” that I won’t fully worship? Am I really that prideful?

One of the greatest levels of worship is when we draw close to the Father and offer ourselves as a sacrifice to Him.  Will I choose to sacrifice my pride? Remember, I have a reserved demeanor. Physical expressions are not my go-to move.  But the Bible gives us examples of physical expression that we can use to worship the Father. Some examples are: “Towdah”, extending the hand (Psalm 100:4), “Shabach”, loud tone, shout (Psalm 147:12), “Halal”, celebrate, be clamorously foolish (Psalm 44:8).  Do I know how free I am? Do I realize that my freedom gift is more worthy of physical expression than my desire to be quiet and reserved?

Keep discovering.

So, as you continue to grow in your understanding of your freedom, remember how amazing our God is.  The sacrifice Jesus made on the cross is bigger than we can fully comprehend. Remind yourself of your freedom often.  Jump, dance, shout…be free! Don’t believe the lie that your “personality” must dictate your response in worship. Oh, and remember, those examples of physical expression from the Bible didn’t come with an exemption for those of us who are “quiet and reserved”.

-R.J. Brey

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